LED Flexible Mirror

LED Flexible Mirror is the most innovative mirror out today. Flexi Mirror allows you to put on makeup, tweeze your eyebrows or even shave much easier.
This is an upgrade 10x suction cup magnification mirror, special goose neck design, and the extra-long extension will help you adjust the height whatever you need and no need to bend down! 
See every detail much more clearly while precise tweezing, shaving, wear contact lenses and facial care.
Perfect for makeup both at home and while traveling.
10x Magnification: Powerful 10X magnification allows you to focus in on a specific section of your face, ideal for makeup applications and precise tweezing.
Great for those with poor eyesight or want to focus in on every pore without distortions! 
Natural Bright Light: 14 Natural daylight LEDs, provides the natural light you will encounter throughout a day. Cordless, portable, and operated with 3 AAA batteries, when folded, takes up less than 1/2 square foot of space, which makes it a perfect travel mirror too. Suitable for all ages.
360° Rotation & Suction Cup: 360° rotation with locking suction cup provides a secure attachment, simply twist to lock the suction cup, fully adjustable to any desired position. Note: This is only a 10X one side mirror, not a double side mirror.
Flexible Goose neck: Adjustable Flexible Bendable Goose neck, you don’t have to climb onto the vanity to get up close to the mirror, you can stand up in front of the vanity and adjust the height via the goose neck to find those perfect viewing angles every time!